Friday, July 13, 2018

Precious yet Fragile Life; Live it beautifully ! Make it worth !

Dear all,

All of us will come to a point of realizing how precious yet fragile life is : -

(i) Don't blame on your pet for giving you much work to clean up, because one day,,, you will realise how precious their poop is when their indigestion issue arises.
(ii) Try your best but stay strong, do not give up but must be receptive of what is happening.
(iii) Life, Illness, Old Age and Death are something that inevitable in life.
(iv) Treat people nicely when you can, do not fuss on small things, also always be with people who makes you happy, don't be too calculative - life is short.
(v) Treat your family members and friends nicely too - you owe it to them - so you wont regret when things happen.
(vi) Nothing is forever but we can try our best to live everyday ! Live life while you can ! :)
(vii) Rest well and treasure health !  Take care of yourself well to take care others ! Stay strong !

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Signing off,

Monday, January 2, 2017

Choices and Decisions

Life is about making choices and live with it thereafter.

Do not be fickle-minded else you will never achieve anything given many years to come.

No decision is bad decision, worst is you hang on and stayed on even though you clearly do not like the situation.

Empowerment comes from the knowledge of knowing that you are capable or changing the current situation and not complaining.

Do not spent too much time in over-thinking things, move on and once decided, dont look back; if not much time will be wasted.

Once decided on something, do not ponder upon it again as it will be very tiring to the mind.
To a better year 2017 !

New year starts when decision to change is made !

Thursday, March 24, 2016

For Health, is the Greatest Gift in Life

You can never go far if you're bed-ridden, for you will be hospital bounded for more than 24 hours.

I really value my health now - praise God for the process of recovering, it is really the greatest miracle on Earth. It has been proven indefinitely that humans recovery process is amazing !

During the process, I thank friends and family who are always by my side to provide company and laughter especially, who cares so much for you, who asked you what you wanna eat and bring food to you, who asked who is with you now, whom asked how will you go home, whom make jokes and keep the environment lively.

I am really grateful for the people around me who treats people so nice. May God bless them and I ll definitely learn from them too.

Also, I will not risk on my health by sleeping late and eating rubbish, not forgetting emotional health too ! Will take in more food supplement and will not complain a lot in life. I will find something that I really love doing (considering I am healthy now) so I will bring more joy to myself, also to the people around me.

Complain less and you will see miracles happening ! :)

Do your job with much passion, dont be like the trainee doctor ! I have more respect to the nurses than to her !

The proud face and happiness of the patient beside me who is leaving the hospital before me.

The first shine of Sun has never felt so warm, the outdoor breeze, though a bit polluted has never felt so comfy. It is time to go home now ! Taking away valuable lessons in life ! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Best thing in world - Being alive

Best feeling in world is by feeling alive.

By feeling alive, you feel energetic.

You feel connected to the people and environment around you.

An uncle asked me to give opponent to win today. Feel glad . Since when do I have the ability to control the winning or losing of the game.

Food of thought : People spend much as they earnings increase. Almost exponentially

Pause, rethink, do you really need to spend that much of money ?!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good Life

Good Life happens when you :-

1) Spend a good time on breakfast
2) Spend good time to shower
3) Play badminton well
4) Rest well
5) Taking time to yourself !

Good Life

Good Life happens when you :-

1) Spend a good time on breakfast
2) Spend good time to shower
3) Play badminton well
4) Rest well
5) Taking time to yourself !

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Surprises in Life

True friends wish for your best sincerely, on top of theirs.

They don't envy. They praise, they encourage they motivate and you know your secrets and wherabouts are safe with them

They took time off from the busy schedule just to send you a text wishing you all the best.

Truly appreciative :)